Thursday, August 16, 2007

Should Hunter and Brownback call it quits

I think the answer is yes. So does Michael Medved:

Both these veteran Republicans count as distinguished, thoughtful public servants and admirable patriots. They’ve both compiled formidable records on Capitol Hill. And they’ve both been running for President for several months, participating in all televised debates and, particularly in the case of Duncan Hunter, impressing many observers with their articulate and accomplished performances. Both candidates have also joined me on my radio show and answered questions in a forthright and effective manner.

But both Brownback and Hunter have failed utterly in generating momentum, enthusiasm or grassroots support for their Presidential campaigns and after last Saturday’s Iowa straw poll it’s time for them to help clear the field to provide more breathing room for viable candidates.

I hate to say it about Hunter, because I really like him and he is probably more in line with me on the issues as anyone. I do not think he would stand a chance in the general election.

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