Thursday, August 30, 2007

A couple of good posts by HWT

The first:

From The Washington Times:

About 20 percent of students enrolled in D.C. public schools were absent on the second day of class this week, according to attendance records provided by school system officials.

Many students who had enrolled were not present because they had not registered for classes, Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee said last night. It was not clear yesterday how much of the attendance problem was due to students who had not registered on time and how much was due to students who didn't show up for other reasons.

"I think we can improve attendance overall," Mrs. Rhee said. "Attendance is something we can definitely work on."

Ya think?

What a coincidence 20%. Isn't that the same percentage of Americans that can't find the USA on a map?

The second post:

You see it is like this. Republicans are in the main decent people who uphold decent standards and we police our own. This isn't a matter of "shooting our wounded" or some such. It is simply upholding a minimum level of acceptable conduct and requiring consequences for those who violate that standard.

Liberal Democrats, on the other hand, have no such standards. They are, in the main, little more than animals and have the behavioral ethics of the beasts of the barnyard, forest and field.

If only the Department of Fish and Wildlife would institute a hunting season for them so that their numbers could be controlled. . . but that's a topic for another day.

Craig will resign. Unlike Bill Clinton who was having an affair with an intern young enough to be his daughter in the Oval Office (leftists will be completely at a loss to understand why the location of the trysts was important - if you explain it to them they'll think you are joking) and he was credibly accused of rape by another woman.

Craig will resign. Unlike Ted Kennedy who, along with another Democrat Senator, tried to forcibly rape a waitress in a Washington restaurant's private dining room. That is it, BTY, with Democrats and rape? Maybe the feminists need to rethink their knee-jerk support for the Democrat Party?

Craig will resign. Unlike Rep. Barney Frank who was caught running a prostitution business out of his apartment. He claims that he didn't know what was going on but his lover (a homosexual prostitute that Frank knew was a prostitute because Frank admitted to paying him for sex) who was managing the operation tells us that Frank knew all about it and enjoyed hearing all about his encounters with customers. Another prostitute claims that Frank would call the apartment to make sure that he didn't walk in on a customer who was being "entertained".

That is in response to this story.

I have talked with and been in forums with people that are running this hypocrite (Craig) republican in the ground. If this were anyone other than a republican, these same people would be defending this persons rights. I guess when you are a democrat and have no standards you can do whatever you want. But if you are a republican you should be ran out of town.

That being said I do thing Craig should resign. We can not allow ourselves to become the same perversion the democratic party has become.

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