Friday, August 24, 2007

UPDATED: Fred to announce tomorrow?

Update: I guess not. I hope by Labor Day.

I hope so:

In a radio interview in Richmond with guest-host George Allen (yeah-THAT George Allen):

"[E]verybody seems to be announcing a lot earlier than normal, but he's operating on a more traditional time frame. He says the law allows potential candidates to take some time to get their organization together, raise money and assess public reaction. "

He said, quote, "We're not allowed to announce before we announce, but I can tell you that it won't be very many more days before I'll be making a statement on it."

Now, those of you who (like me) suffer from a snidge of "Fratigue™, take heart. The announcement is rumored to be subtle, quick, and in-line with a normal day of talking about where he stands on America and the issues we face as a nation.

And, it is rumored he will announce his candidacy TOMORROW.

He isn't looking for cameras and parades. He's looking to do a few things for the country that need doing, and that he thinks only a President can do.

I hope he does, the suspense is killing me. Not the suspense of whether he is running, that fact is obvious. I can't wait to find out who all has been waiting to show their support.

Win, Fred, Win

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