Friday, August 10, 2007

Is this what where we are headed?

Hillbilly White Trash has a post up I think everyone should read.

This post , as he states, is disgusting:

I started not to post this because it it simply so disgusting, but since one of the things I consistently blog about is the degeneration of Europe and how that represents a giant warning sign of what the US needs to avoid I decided to go ahead.

Warning - Vile and disgusting material to follow.

I saw this on Clayton Crammer's blog:

Got there and read the rest.

I wanted to post on this for one reason. We are headed down this same road. We have highly regarded leaders in this country just chomping at the bit to follow the same path as Europe.

We have leaders who want to teach sex ed to kindergarten age kids.

Hillbilly White Trash was right:

Europe lost its religious faith. It tried to fill the hole that left in the human soul with ideologies like Nazism, fascism and communism. When those failed there was nothing left to take their place so all Europe has left for "absolute" values are moral relativism and and a soul destroying tolerance whose only sin is the willingness to identify sin

We need to open our eyes and realize that following the people of Europe is not in our best interest.

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