Monday, August 20, 2007

More bad news for China

Formaldehyde found in children's clothing:

China's massive export industry has provided ginger contaminated with a pesticide, fish food raised in untreated sewage and toothpaste containing a solvent – and now children's clothing containing the poison formaldehyde.

According to a report in the Auckland, New Zealand, Sunday Star Times, an investigative team from the city's TV3 Target program has detailed how
scientists found formaldehyde, a chemical preservative, in wool and cotton
clothing at levels hundreds of times higher than levels considered safe.


Research by the World Health Organization has concluded that exposure to formaldehyde in concentrations of 20 parts per million can cause eye, skin and nasal irritations, asthmas and cancer.

However, the testing for the television program resulted in some startling finds.

"Our results were shocking, ranging from 230 ppm to 18,000 ppm," Target producer Simon Roy told the newspaper, following tests on a girl's top, school shorts, a Spiderman T-shirt and pajamas.

This is almost unbelievable. Some of the clothes Target tested having a reading 900 times the level that actually causes harm," he said.

This is bad folks. Recalls of toys, clothes, and food from China has dominated the news over the past couple of months.

Among problems reported so far:

Foods imported for consumption by American humans may be, in some cases, as dangerous as the pet food. A WND study found the vast majority of imported
foods rejected as unfit for human consumption by the Food and Drug Administration are from China. FDA inspectors report tainted food imports
intended for American humans are being rejected with increasing frequency
because they are filthy, are contaminated with pesticides and tainted with
carcinogens, bacteria and banned drugs.

China, the leading exporter of seafood to the U.S., is raising most of its fish products in water contaminated with raw sewage and compensating by using
dangerous drugs and chemicals, many of which are banned by the Food and Drug

The deadly contaminant found in Chinese-made toothpaste – diethylene glycol – is a solvent used in antifreeze that killed 107 Americans when it was introduced in an elixir 70 years ago.

A resurgence in lead-poisoning cases in U.S. children is being linked to Chinese
– toys, makeup, glazed pottery and other products that contain significant amounts of lead and are being recalled by the CPSC on a regular basis.

Imports from China were recalled by the CPSC twice as often as products made everywhere else in the world, including the U.S., showed a WND study of 2007
government reports.

The rising cost of fireworks, almost all of which are made in China, as well as
safety concerns and human rights concerns about the conditions of those
manufacturing the products resulted in a decrease of Independence Day displays
in the U.S.

WND revealed there are currently no safety standards established between the U.S. and China on food, drugs and other imports. As a result of WND's
series, members of Congress began working on setting new standards.

WND revealed how China is shipping to the U.S. honey tainted with a potentially
life-threatening antibiotic as well as adulterating exports with sugar.

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