Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Is Hillary really a "lifelong Methodist"?

John Hawkins over at Right Wing News asks this question:

So, has Hillary Clinton been a "lifelong Methodist?" Apparently not. Yesterday, the New York Times posted some excerpts from Hillary Clinton's letters to a friend in college, and this line was included,

Ms. Rodham skates earnestly on the surface of life, raising more
questions than answers. “Last week I decided that even if life is absurd why
couldn’t I spend it absurdly happy?” she wrote in November of her junior year.
She then challenges herself to “define ‘happiness’ Hillary Rodham, acknowledged
agnostic intellectual liberal, emotional conservative.”

So, back in college, Hillary Clinton considered herself to be an agnostic -- but that raises a very interesting question. We know Hillary is lying about being a "lifelong Methodist," but does that mean she is lying about being a "lifelong Methodist" or does it mean she lied when she said she believed in God?

I don't want to guess about her religious beliefs, but this goes a little deeper than that. We all know politicians will say anything to get elected. We also know that it is almost impossible to get elected if you are an atheist.

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TexasFred said...

There is nothing better than using her own words against her... Priceless...