Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mexico is framing border agent

On Jan. 12, Border Patrol agent Nicholas Corbett Shot Francisco Javier Dominguez Rivera. The illegal alien was threatening him with a rock while being arrested for entering the country illegally.

Now World Net Daily reports:

Mexico is withholding key witnesses that could exonerate Border Patrol agent Nicholas Corbett of second-degree murder charges and paying for others to testify against him, asserts a union leader.


Judd said the witnesses prepared to testify against Corbett are Dominguez's two brothers and the girlfriend of one of the brothers.

"The Mexican consulate is providing all three with food, housing, and clothing – everything these three individuals need, such that they don't even have to work while they are waiting to testify," Judd said.

Judd further charged that the Mexican government is intentionally hiding three other witnesses who could absolve Corbett.

"There were Mexican aliens who Corbett had arrested prior to the incident with Dominguez," Judd explained. "These three witnessed the shooting from the back of Corbett's Border Patrol van, and they could see clearly exactly what Corbett was doing."

Judd said the two brothers and the girlfriend all testified Corbett was pointing a gun at them while he was driving, "yet the three aliens who were in the back of the van said they never saw Corbett holding a gun."

"Those three witnesses who would have testified for Corbett got sent back to Mexico. Why?" Judd asked. "Why aren't they still here in the United States when they have important information that could prove that Corbett did not do what the Mexican government and the other witnesses say Corbett did."

We need to take better care of the agents that are defending our borders.

Read this entire story at the link above.

Secure our borders!

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