Monday, August 6, 2007

Fred answers questions about his wife Jeri's involvement in campaign

Byron York interviewed Fred this morning. One of the questions he asked was about the "hit pieces" on Fred's wife Jeri:

I asked him to comment on the stories about his wife. “She has taken a lot of comments that should have been directed toward me,” Thompson told me. When he started looking into running for president, Thompson said, there was a lot to be done and very little time to do it, and his wife played a key role in getting things going. “We started literally from the kitchen table a few months ago,” he said. “While I did the things that I felt like I needed to do — I had a contract with NBC television, I had a contract with ABC radio, I was chairman of the advisory board on international security for the State Department, and a lot of other things — while I was disengaging from that and getting my thoughts together on issues and things of that nature, public comments I knew I would be called on to make, I asked her to do certain things for me. She did what I asked her to do.”

The former senator said his wife’s actions, however they have been interpreted in the press, have been at his behest. “She always looks out for my best interests, and when she sees something that she knows I would not approve of, or is not in my best interest, she voices that concern — in other words, just exactly the way I would want her to. Now, some people don’t like that, especially some people who have their own issue with regard to the campaign, shall we say, and they take advantage of putting out anonymous comments and so forth.”

He makes a great point here. All the other candidates have been preparing for their run for years. He started a few months ago. Even with that he seems to be the one everyone is worried about. I wonder why.

Win, Fred, Win.

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