Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gateway Pundit: 'Another-- "Lazy" Fred Thompson Morning'

From Gateway Pundit:

A friend of mine was at the event this morning and emailed this report. This is what he said about Thompson's "lazy" morning:

Policy Meeting
Policy Meeting
Rope line
Photo op with VFW members
Radio Interview
Radio Interview
Newspaper Interview

And, all of that reportedly happened before 10:45 am in the morning!

That's not exactly the picture you get from the liberal media.

Fred Thompson is not lazy. He is also very smart. Everyone is scared of Fred. That is good news for him.

Win, Fred, Win


Anonymous said...

If everyone was as afraid of Fred as his minions claim, they wouldnt have to spend so much time and bandwith trying to convince everyone of it.

Repack Rider said...

PLEEEEASE Nominate Fred.

The Democrats could run Pogo against him and win.

Fred looks old, and he looks tired. He doesn't come across as brimming with energy.

It would be hard for Fred to be lazier than George W. Bush, whose laziness has eclipsed Ronald Reagan's laziness, the previous gold standard for not wanting to do much.

What is it about Republicans? Because they never had jobs in their lives, they don't know what kind of hours the rest of the world puts in?

JB Davis said...

I love people who just search around for stories on Fred so they can "slam" him. The first guy read the post, the second guy did not have time to even read it. Both came from google search: "Fred Thompson". If they dislike him so much why look him up? Just to take a jab at him.

Winghunter said...

Minions?? Ya' know, if you actually met one of these spineless little mental midgets, I bet their lower lips are so protruded you could open a bottle off their overbite.

Supercd72 said...

I wish I was as lazy as President Reagan. He led the charge to end the cold war and he never entered the Oval Office without a coat and tie. Not like President Clinton who frequently entered the office in sweaty running attire. He disrespected the office on multiple levels.

bubby1962 said...

>>>>What is it about Republicans? Because they never had jobs in their lives

I must say that is the first time I ever heard that stereotype appied to the Repubs...what a joke!