Saturday, August 11, 2007

An excellent question from Ace of Spades

Why are Al Qaeda training camps emptying out?:

That's the report from Roggio (quoted at Hot Air).

It seems to me the alarming thing isn't "What are these suddenly-evacuated jihadis up to?" but more "What are already in-position jihadis planning that requires the evacuation of terrorist camps due to fear of coming retaliatory airstrikes and ground offensives?"

Our leaders in Washington have refused to secure our borders. I hope we (the American people) are not about to pay the price for their incompetence.

There is little doubt that we have sleeper cells in the US. Are they about to "wake up"? I pray the answer to this is no. I fear the answer is yes.

I for one have not forgave or forgotten the refusal to secure our borders. I hope all opponents of the "open borders" crowd remember in 2008.

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