Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mel Martinez needs to go

Mel Martinez (the Republican Party's national chairman) has attacked two presidential hopefuls. Your thinking Hillary and Obama right. Wrong. How about Rudy and Mitt:

Martinez has not been seen or heard from as Republican Party Chairman in a very long time. In fact, he's been an absent chairman. But yesterday he opened his mouth and attacked Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney for their opposition to illegal immigration.

I can see next August's ads right now. The Democrat, whoever it is, uses a black and white picture of the nominee, whether you think it will be Rudy or Romney, and then quotes Mel Martinez bashing them.

Do. No. Harm. That is the base, the foundation from which the party chairman should start.

Mel Martinez needs to go. Call your state party and make sure they know it.

Do as it says and call. With leaders like the GOP has we do not need enemies.


CMC said...

What Martinez has done is disgraceful, unfortunately he is just parroting the sentiments of the President that had him installed in the RNC position. GOP members from all over the nation neet to raise their voices and tell Mr. Martinez he doesn't represent the majority of his party.

bubby1962 said...

What the hell is going on? This makes as much sense as Sheehan running against Pelosi!!!

bubby1962 said...

Just e-mailed this:

Can you please tell me why Mel Martinez is bashing OUR candidates?????

"It was easy to say, 'This wasn't good enough, this isn't right, I don't agree with Martinez.' ... But at the end of the day, what is your answer? How would you solve this?"

I'll tell you how I would solve it, I would remove Martinez and replace him with someone who might try in helping OUR party!

Supercd72 said...

This is an outrage, especially from the chair of the Rep. party. It is short-sided and he needs to realize that the base of the party does not agree with Pres. Bush on illegal immigration.

bubby1962 said...

>>>he needs to realize that the base of the party does not agree with Pres. Bush on illegal immigration

He has to know! All the e-mails and phone calls they recieved. They don't care!