Friday, July 20, 2007

A video every gun owner should watch

Watch it here. It is over 7 minutes long, but well worth it:

Here is a video about the rampant corruption of the New Orleans city government and its police force. After Katrina the government of the city of New Orleans ordered their police to confiscate privately owned firearms. The NOPD complied with the order with gusto. Police took advantage of the opportunity to loot firearms from the citizenry most of which wound up in the officer's private collections or were sold by the cops to pawn shops or gun stores throughout the

I agree with HWT on this one:

There is no excuse for this behavior and there is no forgiveness for this behavior. Every cop who behaved in this way deserves death and only death. Each and every one of them should be stood up against a wall and have his brains blown out by a firing squad.

If I were to encounter this kind of thing in the aftermath of a natural disaster I would resist with deadly force even if I knew that I would be killed. When cops do this kind of thing they stop being the enforcers of the law and become just another filthy criminal street gang and cops who act in this way have no rights which any civilized person is bound to respect.

I don't know what to add. Well I do, but I do not want to use that kind of language on this blog.


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bubby1962 said...

Thanks for the video, thank God Tennessee has passed laws that prevents that from happening here.

The other side of the issue was all over the news, that would be the thugs WITH THE GUNS!!! Always easier to take things from law abiding citizens.