Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gingrich on the 2008 elections

Newt Gingrich gives his take on the elections an Fox:

Gingrich praised a few of the GOP frontrunners, including potential candidate Fred
, who he called "serious" and "formidable." Gingrich also confirmed reports that he and his wife had a "delightful" dinner with Thompson and his wife Jeri recently.

While he was critical of Sen. John McCain's ability to gain the GOP nod in 2008, he said Thompson, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney would all make a "very formidable opponent" for what he expects is a Clinton-Obama Democratic ticket.

I don't think we will face a Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ticket. There egos would not allow it.

If one of the front runners in the GOP field comes out with a sound plan we could keep the White House. I think Fred will be the most likely candidate to do this.

I like Newt's politics, and think he is waiting till Fred gets in to announce his support for him. I hope so anyway.

I believe Fred will get a lot of support from "important" people soon after announcing he is running.

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