Friday, July 27, 2007

Should candidates drop out of the You Tube debate?

It looks like a few are thinking about it:

According to Marc Ambinder, Giuliani “will most likely opt out” because of “unspecified scheduling conflicts.” The New Hampshire Union Leader reports that Romney “isn’t sure yet whether he’ll participate…but he’s no fan of the format.”

A "You Tube" debate could be a very productive venture. The only problem is the one CNN ran was a joke. I am sure many reasonable questions were submitted. CNN did not use these. Instead they decided to go with Red State Update, or someone calling his gun his baby. Which I do not have a problem with calling a gun baby. I love mine too. I am sure there were many other questions submitted that dealt with the gun issue. I think the whole thing looked silly.

A You Tube debate would work, just not one put on by CNN.

I would not participate in a CNN You Tube debate either.

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