Monday, March 24, 2008

The '08 Blues

I am truly sorry for not posting more, but I just can't seem to get motivated to write about anything right now. I hope to get back into high gear shortly.

Let's see, Obama is falling from grace. Hillary is a liar. McCain is cruising through, waiting on a challenger. Quite frankly it amazes me that any of the three have a chance to lead this country. Unfortunately for us, one of them will.

One thing that causes me concern is all the talk about race. It is an important issue, but because every time the subject comes up someone gets fired. If you listen to the talk shows you have heard a lot mentioned about race.

I think it was on bill O'reilly that I heard the best description of how I feel about the topic of discussing race. Many white people will not engage in meaningful dialog on race because it is too easy to get into trouble. It seems the whole conversation is spent trying not to offend someone else. The discussion is meaningless unless all sides can openly talk about their feelings without the possibility of being punished or being branded a racist. Until the day comes where everyone's opinion is considered equal, an open discussion is impossible.

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