Monday, March 3, 2008

There Are Two Sides To Every Story

The only exception has been the issue of Global Warming, till now:

Despite the one-sided treatment of global warming and climate change in the media there is another perspective. Hundreds of scientists and policy professionals will be in New York City March 2-4 for the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change calling attention to dissent in the scientific community over assumptions that modern warming is man-made or that it is a crisis.

The conference is being run by the Heartland Institute. The Business & Media Institute is one of several co-sponsors and will be reporting from the event. BMI will also be hosting a panel discussion on the media’s involvement in advancing alarmism.

The article even states one of the top reasons for the Global Warming fear mongering:

The Heartland Institute conference will address the “one-sided” debate that is “dominated by government scientists and government organizations agenda-driven to find data that suggest a human impact on climate and to call for immediate government action, if only to fund their own continued research.”

You mean scientists would bend the facts in order to continue to get funded? Say it ain't so. That is what this whole thing is about. They have inconclusive evidence, at best, that Global Warming is caused by man. Or that it is going to continue. But so many people have swallowed it hook, line and sinker that there is a fortune to be made.

Maybe this will be the start of something good. I can't hurt anything.


Anonymous said...

Most of those "experts" weren't scientists.The press release included economist and polocy experts, because so few scientists actually showed up and most of them ar paid shills of the coal and oil industry, the most respected scientist, (forgot his name) even admitted at the conference that global warming is happening.

JB Davis said...

I would like to bring your attention to a post I put up a few weeks ago. It can be found here-
I would also like to inform you that Al Gore is not a scientist either (even though he invented the internet:). There are people on both sides just trying to make money. The fact is that the Earth's climate is, and always has been changing. There is not enough data to determine whether we are causing any of it.

bubby1962 said...

Noticed how all the reporters have stopped using the words "global warming" and are now saying "climate change"?