Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Give It Up Condi

Condoleezza Rice is trying to save the peace talks:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas rejects a plea from U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to resume peace talks with Israel.

Miss Rice is trying to save a barely started Israeli-Palestinian peace process from collapsing today amid continuing exchange of fire between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza.

Miss Rice, who met with Mr. Abbas after talks with Egyptians officials in Cairo, told Palestinians that she feels their pain from a weekend Israeli military campaign that left more than 100 dead, but she put the blame squarely on Hamas.

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It is sad that the Bush Administration will not wake up and smell the coffee. The chance that we will see peace in that region is almost 0%. The goal for these people is to destroy Israel. They are not going to go by any peace deal. Even if they do agree to one.

Miss Rice also said:

“Hamas gets armed by the Iranians, and if nobody helps to improve the security capabilities of the legitimate Palestinian Authority security forces, that’s not a very good situation,” she said at a press conference with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

Wonder if Hamas will get any of the nuclear weapons from Iran, if and when Iran is successful in developing them?

The new sanctions are not going to deter the Iranians any more than the last two did. We need to take serious action against Iran to make sure they do not get nukes. We also need to stop them from supplying terrorists with these weapons.

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