Thursday, March 6, 2008

Is Your Child "Gifted"? It Depends On Your Income

Diversity gone wild:

Via Newsbusters comes this story from Denver,

"More minority and poor students in Denver are being classified as highly gifted under a new system that gives extra credit to children who are economically disadvantaged or nonnative English speakers.

Denver Public Schools is trying to fix a disparity in the program that serves its smartest and most talented students — which up until now has drawn mostly white students in a district that is mostly Latino.


This program is going to have a "huge impact" all right. The really gifted kids are going to be held back because the teachers will have to slow down the pace to try to keep the slower kids from falling way behind. On the other hand, is it really smart to put kids who aren't as gifted in a situation where they're over their heads? You've got to wonder how many "A" students in regular classes will end up flunking gifted classes because they're just not ready for them at that point in their lives.

Unbelievable. This can only cause problems. They think this will ensure these kids are treated fair. What this will do for the kids that should not be in this class is intimidate and embarrass them. If the Dems have their way there will no longer be a reason to try. Hell, let someone else do the work then cry foul.

Wonder how many of these students will be given passing grades in order to justify the program, only to fail later in life because they could not learn the material?

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