Monday, March 24, 2008

Congress Passes Major Tax Hike

As if we were not paying enough:

The House- and Senate-passed budgets would raise taxes on every American taxpayer by an average of $3,000 per household. But don’t expect Congress to share in the sacrifice: The budget would hike discretionary spending by 8 percent, and not cut a single government program.

...Taxpayers will still pay $4 trillion more, regardless of which pocket lawmakers pick. The average per-household cost would rise from $187 next year, to $3,237 in 2012, and to $4,716 by 2018.

Read the whole thing at the link.

One thing is for sure, Dems love there taxes. The economy is uncertain and all they can come up with is raising taxes.

There are some good stuff in the article about spending too:

Regrettably, Congress did not propose any significant offsets for this new spending. Nor does it propose eliminating a single wasteful federal program -- not even unnecessary programs such as the Advanced Technology Program, which spends much of its $70 million budget subsidizing Fortune 500 companies.

In failing to offer spending reductions, congressional budget writers ignored $55 billion in annual program overpayments, $60 billion for corporate welfare, and $123 billion for programs that government auditors find have no evidence of success. No real reforms, just more tax dollars thrown at the same old programs.

As the Dems want to change, taxes and spending looks to change for the worst. My idea of change is letting me keep more of my money, and stop wasting the money that so many good Americans provide.

These are the reasons we need to vote. We need to push for the congressional candidates that are going to reverse these crazy ideas of change. Unfortunately for us, it appears the Democrats are going to retain control of Congress.

Even given all this, I cannot tell you to vote for McCain. He is pretty good on the economy. Not great but better than the Dems. I still feel he would prove to be just a little better than the Dems, and would do more harm than good.

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