Monday, March 3, 2008

Updated: It's A Good Thing Iran Is Not Trying To Develop Nuclear Weapons

From Breitbart:

The Israeli army on Monday said that all the long-range rockets fired by Gaza militants against southern Israel during the latest round of violence were manufactured in arch-foe Iran.

Speaking to the parliament's powerful foreign affairs and defence committee, a senior military intelligence official said that over 20 Katyusha-type rockets, also known as Grad, were fired against Israel since last Thursday.

"We are talking about regular Iranian-made rockets," an official quoted the intelligence official as saying.

What will Israel look like when Iran does get nukes? Oh wait a minute, there will be no Israel.

Update: More useless sanctions from the UN:

The United Nations Security Council voted on Monday to impose a third set of sanctions on Iran over its refusal to halt its suspected nuclear weapons activity.

A European-sponsored resolution was adopted at the 15-member Council by 14 votes in favour, none opposed, and one abstention from Indonesia.

The resolution increases the current mild trade ban on Iran to include certain goods with both civilian and military uses.

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