Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pick One: Romney, Clinton, McCain, Obama

It looks likes it is a four way race for the Presidency.

Giuliani and Edwards are calling it quits.

Well here we go again, which one is the lesser of the four evils?

It looks like that may be Romney. But will enough conservatives get excited about Mitt? The answer is no.

The problem is; if the conservatives do not get motivated come November the Republican nominee will not win. Hillary and Obama are having a lot of success getting people to the polls. When one of these two get the nod the Dems will rally behind them to try and defeat their real enemy, Republicans.

The problem for the Republicans is this; we have been doing this an awful lot lately and many of us are getting tired of carrying water for people, only to have them slap us in the face while in office. I am almost positive McCain would carry his "face-slapping gloves" with him at all times. Can Romney be trusted not to "slap" us around too? I would have to answer no. Truth be told I think he is probably not much better, if any better than McCain at all. In my opinion he says whatever it is he thinks you want to hear. While running for Governor he wasn't all that different from the Dems. Now that he is going for the Republican nomination he seems to be more conservative. Would the real Mitt Romney please stand?

As far as looking at the Democratic candidates. I know that I disagree with them on every major issue, as well as %99.999 of the small ones. That is why I really don't talk about them yet. Right now they are infighting within the Democratic party. That is a place I would prefer to stay away from. Don't worry I will get to them before the general election rolls around. I am glad to see more than a few Dems realize how pathetic Bill Clinton is though.

What to do? I just don't know.

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bubby1962 said...

Only thing that I can think of as a reason TO vote for McCain/Romney is the appointment of judges. I think they would do a better job of that then what we would get from Clinton/Obama but that's the ONLY difference I see.