Monday, February 4, 2008

Mississippi Bill To Bar Restaurants From Serving Obese People?

Of course this will not pass, yet:

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You may laugh but this is how the whole deal with smoking got started. How long before we start paying unbelievable tax for a Big Mac? It took several years for the smoking issue. It looks like they are moving on to the next big problem.
The question I have is - how many of our freedoms are we willing to give up before we say enough? Chances are you enjoy at least one of the following; smoking, fatty foods, soft drinks, drinking, skoal, etc... You know, things that are "bad" for you. A lot of obese people have jumped on the bus to attack smokers. What happens when the shoe is on the other foot? What about drinkers?
Look out, it is coming. It may take a while to develop. But it is coming.

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