Monday, February 11, 2008

Bush Wants $1.4 Billion To Help Secure MEXICO's Southern Border



The plan is called “The Merida Initiative.” Seems that the White House has had this plan in the works for nearly a year with little congressional input on either side of the border.

We can’t finish our own border fence, properly supply our immigration agents and border patrol with all the equipment and resources they need, or get our house in order. Yet, the Bush administration wants to fork over $1.4 billion to Mexico and Central America–with much of it going into the hands of corrupt law enforcement officials and government bureaucrats who have worked tirelessly to undermine our immigration laws. The funding is tucked into the 2008 supplemental budget.

Read all of Michelle Malkin's post at the link above.

This is one of the craziest things I have heard of in quite some time. The Bush Administration needs to worry about the US, not MexAmeriCanada. This is an insult to the people of this great country. We spoke up and wanted OUR border secure.

Get this:

Naturally, the State Department has taken a lead role. They’ve held meetings in
secret and cut out members of Congress from discussion. You’ll love the explanation for the secrecy: Mexico is “sensitive,” you see. Also, according to one expert, “Mexico is very protective of its sovereignty and very worried about any incursion of U.S. security forces or private contractors—like Blackwater—coming in to train Mexicans.” Yeah, they’re worried about incursions and sovereignty.

So Mexico is very concerned with their sovereignty, but ours don't mean a damn thing.

Get in touch with your Representatives now and let them know this kind of stuff will not be tolerated.

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Anonymous said...

Engel's is one key (slippery) congressperson. He really wants to send u.s. money to mexico and other parts of the western hemisphere where corruption and brutality will ensure that more people cross the borders in search of something better.

more on actions targeting him and other Congress people here:

take action NOW! This thing is being challenged by more and more people. We can defeat it.