Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mitt To Endorse McCain

Not surprising:

AP Video Republican campaign dropout Mitt Romney agreed Thursday to endorse Sen. John McCain for the party's presidential nomination and ask his national convention delegates to swing behind the party front-runner, according to officials familiar with the decision.

I have contended from the start that the gap between Romney and McCain was pretty narrow. I did vote for Mitt in the primary, simply because he was the only one left that could possibly convince me he was going to act like a conservative. He had not convinced me when he dropped out though. I think all the hoopla about him being the "most" conservative one was wishful thinking. When Thompson and Hunter left the race, so did conservative principals. Except for Paul who is scary as hell when it comes to foreign policy.

I still will not vote for McCain. I know the argument - Anyone is better than he Democrats. I am not so sure McCain would be that much better. Look, a lot of people are saying that we need McCain because of the war. I do not think any of the three candidates with a chance to win are going to be that quick to pull out. I know, I know; Obama says he will. That is pandering. None of them are going to want to be the one that surrenders to the terrorists. Especially when things are going as good as they are. They may use it to get votes, but things change when it is your presidency that takes the hits.

That being said, I am not under the impression that the Dems are not going to screw things up. But I will remind you, McCain wants to shut down Gitmo. He don't want water boarding. This is where I differ from most people. If torturing someone will save one innocent life I am all for it. Not just water boarding either. Pull out the good stuff. You know, he stuff you see on these crazy movies and TV shows. These people will do anything possible to hurt us. We need to use anything possible to ensure they are not given the chance.

Sorry, back to the main topic. Romney is endorsing McCain. McCain is not at all concerned with what conservatives hold dear. It has come out today that McCain is good on taxes. That is good. He wants to cut spending. That is great. I will give him credit where it is due. But he will pull the party further to the left and I can not support him.

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