Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Line Of The GOP "Work With The Democrats"

From Red State:

The Senate GOP has been having its retreat. This is the first retreat since Lamar Alexander (R-TN) was named Chairman of the Conference. In this position, Alexander is charged with developing the GOP agenda and controlling the message.

Today, the Republican Senators are at a retreat and they are getting their first taste of Lamar Alexander's leadership. His message: embrace being in the minority.


As if orchestrated, other "experts" who were invited by Republican leadership gave reports downplaying the GOP's struggle with spending and pork and focusing mainly on the war in Iraq as the problem. Senators were told that what the American people want most is cooperation in Congress and to see lawmakers get things done: Read -- Pass Democrat legislation. In fact, by the time it was over, I'm told you would have thought the Appropriators themselves had arranged the presentation to completely undermine Winston's assertion that waste and earmarks had anything at all to do with the GOP loss in 2006.

Lamar Alexander's central theme of the day now is that the GOP must work with the Democrats on "bipartisan legislation" to show the American people the Senate can get things done. Whoa unto the Republican Senator who obstructs the will of the majority.

Read the whole thing at the link. There are several e-mails you will want to see.

This is like a bad dream. The GOP lost control of the house because they were acting just like the democrats. They will not gain control again until they step away from that way of thinking. It looks like the Senator from Tennessee is going to keep running down the path that has placed the party in the minority.

The GOP does not stand a chance of re-gaining a majority as long as they allow people who think this way to lead them.

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