Monday, January 28, 2008

Who Is The Real Conservative, Romney Or McCain?

Since Fred withdrew from the race the other candidates are competing for the label of "the most conservative candidate left in the race". Something they could not mention as long as Fred was there.

As a former supporter of Thompson I have received a lot of e-mail from Romney's camp wanting my support. Of course there have been a few e-mails from Ron Paul's people too. I haven't heard from McCain or Giuliani

All you see in the news now is McCain and Romney pointing fingers at each one another trying to convince us the other is no better than the Dems.

I am not convinced that either one of them would lead much better than the Dems. Oh sure, they both have some conservative principals. The only problem is, they both have more than a few liberal principals too. Of course, Romney has tried to cover these up by flip-flopping a little. But he has not changed my opinion about him. I just can't bring myself to trust him.

McCain says he has changed his position on illegals. I don't think that is true either. He also voted against Bush's tax cuts. One of the few good things that has come out of Bush's Presidency.

Huckabee is as "big government as they come".

Giuliani is a liberal and has no problem letting you know this.

Ron Paul is still an Asshat.

The fact of the matter is we true conservatives are going to be forced to either hold our noses and vote for another RINO, or stay at home. That is going to be a tough decision.

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