Thursday, November 1, 2007

Why Is Rudy Winning Over The Pro-Life Crowd

This is an excellent post by Hillbilly White Trash:

Yesterday I was listening to Sean Hannity's show when Bill Bennett came on as a guest. Both Hannity and Bennett are Roman Catholics who have made their opposition to abortion very clear in the past. However the likely prospect of ardently pro-choice Rudolph Giuliani gaining the Republican nomination had them
both backpeddling as fast as they could.

The two hypocrites vied with one another to see who could blow off the issue the fastest.

This is not an isolated phenomena on the right either. On his blog Michael Medved posted an entry called Abortion's shades of gray where he said this:

Please read the rest of his post at the link above.

I cannot understand why so many "conservatives" are lining up behind a man that holds such different views as they do. I don't want to see Hillary in the White House a bit more than any Republican does. I just don't think we have to stray that far away from our core beliefs to keep her out.

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