Friday, November 2, 2007

Hillbilly White Trash Has It Right

Thoughts on Clinton and immigration from HWT:

I'll say. At least 40% of why Republicans lost the legislature last year was due to the president's and key Republican Senate leaders' support for amnesty and open borders.

The writer of the WaPo article, who is a partisan Democrat, attempts to whistle past the graveyard by claiming that most Americans really support amnesty but then can't offer a coherent explanation of why that isn't a winning issue for Democrats.

The truth is that the Clinton machine, which is entirely poll driven, knows with absolute certainty that immigration is a losing issue for Democrats. This is why Hillary melted down when asked to answer a simple yes or no question about an issue which is a no-brainer to around three quarters of the American people.

Does anybody out there still think that Hillary is unbeatable? Is there anybody left now who thinks that the only way Republicans can defeat her is by selling our souls and embracing human sacrifice?

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