Thursday, November 8, 2007

Texas Fred On Rudy

Texas Fred:

Personally, Guiliani isn’t in MY top 4, I think the guy is a RINO more than any RINO running for the Oval Office, I see Rudy as a very well disguised ultra libber that has somehow pulled the wool over the eyes of some very weak minded or incredibly desperate voters…

Giuliani asks voters to Focus On My Record, Not Kerik, that’s a gambit I don’t know that I would want to push if I was Rudy, for one thing, Kerik IS a part of Rudy’s record, that is an indisputable fact of the matter, and for me, as a CONSERVATIVE, I am totally opposed to Rudy because of his homosexual rights stance, his abortion stance and his gun grabbing agenda, and I personally don’t know how any REAL Republican or Conservative, not to mention CHRISTIAN Conservatives, could support this individual given those opinions on 3 of the biggest hot button topics facing the USA today…

Don't be fooled by Rudy, he is a liberal at heart.

With Hillary conceding that we will be in Iraq for years to come, what is the big difference between the two. Rudy might be a little more effective in Iraq, but the conservative cause would be devastated by his nomination.

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