Wednesday, November 14, 2007

San Francisco Will Not Be Outdone

You can bet on one thing, if any city in the U.S. decides to do something crazy, San Fran. is going to be right on their heels.

New York is abandoning their plan to give driver's licenses to illegals:

New York Gov. Eliot
Spitzer said Wednesday he was abandoning a plan to issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, but said that the federal government had "lost control" of its borders and left states to deal with the consequences.

"I have concluded that New York state cannot successfully address this problem on its own," Spitzer said at a news conference after meeting wtih members of the state's Congressional delegation.

Spitzer said overwhelming public opposition led to his decision.

Now San Fran is going to give ID cards to all residents, legal or not:

(11-13) 15:56 PST San Francisco - -- The Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to issue municipal identification cards to city residents - regardless of whether they are in the country legally - and to double the amount of public money available to candidates running for supervisor.

Supervisor Tom Ammiano, who authored the ID card legislation, said the program is a smart public safety measure because it would make residents living on the social margins of San Francisco more likely to seek the help of police and could give them more access to banking services.

"People are afraid to report crimes," Ammiano said, referring to illegal immigrants who avoid local law enforcement authorities over fear of being arrested or deported by federal immigration officials.

I have heard this "fear of being arrested" thing to much. These illegals can't report a crime, but they can march up and down the street and wave Mexican flags. They can go on TV and complain because this country is so mean to people who break the law.

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