Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is Mike Huckabee A "Real" Conservative?

To tell you the truth I don't know as much about Huckabee as I should. A few weeks ago I would have told you he did not have a chance. Now he seems to be getting a lot of attention, so I wanted to learn more about him. I am still in the process of that, but here is something I have found that, quite frankly, has me worried.

Hillbilly White Trash has a post (complete with video) up about him too. That post links to this Arkansas Journal post. The biggest problem I can find is this:

May 5, 2003-Governor Mike Huckabee addressed the Arkansas General Assembly, pleading with them to pass a tax, any tax. He ticked off a list of various taxes that he would find acceptable, a tax on tobacco, a surcharge on the income tax, a sales tax... "I will very happily sign that," he proclaimed.

While it is true that we will never get the "perfect candidate", I am having serious reservations about Huckabee. One of the biggest reasons the Republicans lost in '06 was a result of them spending money like Democrats. And raising taxes is not going to get you very far with me.

I will continue to research Huckabee, and let you know what I find.


bubby1962 said...

Don't EVER link my computer to Salon again!!!!!:)

JB Davis said...

Sorry about that bubby, I had seen that a couple of more places and could not get back to them. That is the only place I could get back to it.

I like Huckabee pretty good and am really looking into him. I had not heard this before and wanted to see what other people think about him.