Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NRO Editorial: "Policy Fred"

From the Editors of NRO:

Fred Thompson may have started his presidential campaign late, but he is the first candidate in either party to come out with solid plans to reform Social Security and immigration. And while most candidates have called for increasing the size of the military, Thompson laid out a detailed plan to achieve that end in a Tuesday speech at the Citadel Military College. On these issues, Thompson has set a standard for specificity, conservatism, and soundness that we would like to see the other Republican candidates measure up to.


It’s obvious why conservatives see something to like in Thompson. He has offered clear, conservative ideas on fixing Social Security, policing immigration, and expanding the military. We encourage the other candidates to follow his lead.

Read the rest of the article at the link. You won't be disappointed.

This is something I don't hear supporters of the other candidates (Democrat or Republican) talking about very much. Go to all the candidates websites and all you see are the talking points. Where is the beef?

Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Fred is not one to go jumping through the hoops in front of the camera. He is too busy working. I have posted on this several times, here is an example:

Thompson was committed back of GAO’s High Risk list, anotherblockbuster for serious students of government but relegated to a desultoryaffair, that identified those agencies in government that were performing suppar, wasting taxpayer dollars, and thus needed fixing. These are the kinds ofendeavors that are dull as dishwater but vital as air for those who want aGovernment That Works. Thompson was the guy who knew all these arcane, and while other members were dancing around getting headlines on the issue of the day, Thompson was grinding it out in Committee; I know, I had to attend those hearings and they were full of minutiae.

That was taken from this post by Jeff Nelligan. Read it.

Win, Fred, Win

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