Monday, June 4, 2007


I'm sorry for the light posting today. The only thing worth writing about today has been William Jefferson getting indicted. The only thing is, he will not do any time over this. He may be forced to resign, but I doubt it. The Democrats will stand by him till the end.

Oh, Paris went to jail. If you care. Which I don't.

I almost forgot. The Feds did stop a major terror plot to blow up JFK airport:

WNBC has the names: Russell Defreitas, Abdul Nur, Kareem Ibrihim and Abdul
Kadir. Your quote of the day, via
CNN: “One
suspect, a U.S. citizen who is a native of Guyana and who once worked at the
airport, was described by a source as ‘a very angry Muslim extremist.’”

Read all about it at the Hot Air link above. I have heard a bit about this on the news shows. But I've heard a lot more about poor, poor, Paris.

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