Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fred: "perhaps this is the occasion where the man meets the times.”

In an interview from London, Fred sounds like he's ready to be president:

"I think they perceive the reality and the reality is that perhaps this is the occasion where the man meets the times."

He said he had the experience for a tough presidential campaign in an already crowded field for the Republican nomination in next year’s presidential election.
“As we say where I grew up this ain’t my first rodeo. I’ve seen it up close
and personal. I’ve had good friends run for president. I've campaigned for
them. I’ve known a few presidents. I understand what the job is about and I
wouldn’t run for it if I wasn’t willing to pay the price”.

He gives his opinion on starting out with the "high expectations" :

“You start out with these kinds of poll numbers and you have a level of expectation. But frankly I’d rather have that problem than the problem that some
of the others have.”

On the War:

But he is also seeking to distance himself from the unpopular incumbent president, George Bush. In the interview Mr Thompson was strongly critical of the conduct of the Iraq war, and said America would proceed with a greater “dose of realism” in the future.

But he insisted the original decision to go to war was “just” and said the US was right to try to promote democracy around the world.

I think he is ready to announce. It sounds like he is chomping at the bit.

Win, Fred, Win

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