Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The first vote for cloture passed:

They’re calling the roll now, which, I presume, is just to see if everyone’s present. They’re not announcing how each one voted after reading his/her name so I guess the vote is right after this.Wait, no — it looks like this is the actual vote. They’re not even announcing the votes as they come in. We’re going to have to wait until all the votes are in.I count only 29 no’s thus far and most everyone’s voted. Jim Webb
just voted yes. We’re going to lose.

Ensign just voted yes.

Update: It wasn’t even close. 64-35. There shall be no Humping Robot today, my friends — nor, perhaps, ever again.

I'll get the roll up as soon as possible.

I will also do everything in my power to ensure the republicans voting in favor of this bill will not be re-elected.

I will also give my opinion then. Maybe I will cool off by then. I doubt it though.

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