Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Reason Why I Think We Have Waited Too Long To Attack Iran

A threat from Iran's Revolutionary Guards:

Iran's Revolutionary Guards have begun a military exercise and issued a warning that Israel and U.S. naval forces in the Persian Gulf would be prime targets if Iran is attacked.

The Iranian Web Site quoted guard official Ali Shirazi as saying that Israel's coastal metropolis of Tel Aviv and U.S. warships in the Gulf would be among the first targets if Iran comes under attack.

"The Zionist regime is pushing the White House to prepare for a military strike on Iran," Shirazi was quoted as saying. "If such a stupidity is done by them, Tel Aviv and the U.S. naval fleet in the Persian Gulf will be the first targets which will be set on fire in Iran's crushing response."

..."The first shot by the U.S. on Iran will set the U.S. vital interests in the world" at risk, Shirazi said, according to the Web site.

The worst part about this whole thing is that we have given them a long time to plan for these type of attacks. While we have been hoping for them to change (no offense Barack) they have been getting ready for the inevitable.
While we are offering to make deals with them, they are pushing ahead with their nuclear program and issuing threat after threat. Iran has been providing assistance any way they can to keep the war in Iraq going in order to take the heat off themselves. With so many people disgruntled with the war, Iran can continue on.

Do I feel like Iran can threaten the US interests? Yes I do. I am not as worried about our Navy ships as much as I am about terrorists in this country and around the world. How many have come into this country over the last seven years? With our government too concerned with kissing the rest of the world's ass, and not taking care of US interests (which by the way, is their only job), they have opened us up to attack.

Should we try not to provoke Iran? I do not think this will do any good. As soon as Iran develops a nuclear weapon we will know. They will announce it to the world. The announcement could be in a speech from Ahmedinejad, but could just as easily be Iran doing what it has promised to do, wiping Israel off the map.

The longer we wait, the more dangerous it becomes.

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