Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Take On Obama, And Rednecks

This post is in response to a post on Right Wing News by Melissa Clouthier:

"I know rednecks," my friend was telling me, "and they're not unaware, but this is what they think about Barack Obama: they don't think he's a Muslim, they think he's a secret Muslim." After laughing about it, I responded that I know very highly educated people who flat out believe Barack Obama isn't a secret Muslim, he just IS a Muslim. "His middle name is Hussein. He's a Muslim." Of course, I protest. It's ludicrous. My name is Melissa and I'm not even a wee bit Greek, but there you go.

First of all, I do know rednecks. I look at one every day while I am shaving. I have always been one, always will be. If that bothers you then you are free to leave this site. The problem with this whole prejudice against rednecks thing is people do not understand rednecks. The people that most consider a redneck are just honest, hard working people. Believe me they are not stupid. As a matter of fact, I would trust most of them much more the the average politician.

Rednecks do not believe that Obama is necessarily a Muslim. They believe there is not enough data to determine his faith. As a matter of fact, there is not enough data to determine where he stands on most issues either. I guess it depends on who he is speaking to, and what the latest polls say. This makes him an average, everyday politician. The man is not special. It takes time to be able to straddle the fence and not appear to be straddling the fence. The reason he has not done better executing this delicate maneuver is his inexperience.

Is it offensive to be portrayed as a Muslim (satirically, of course)? Because, really, that's the fence Obama is trying to saddle. He knows his name and paternity give him instant, unearned cred with a good portion of the world's population. And it's not just the Middle Eastern inhabitants salivating over a Muslim American president (because that is definitely how they view him)...

It is obvious the Middle East believes him to be Muslim, right? Not really. They want him because he is weak. His faith has nothing to do with it. They see him, as most rednecks do, as a man that will not stand up to them. Another thing about rednecks, you don't have to guess where they stand on any issue. They will gladly tell you. If you do not like, it that is your problem. And they will lose no sleep because you disagree.

The cover was funny because it had some truth in it--many truths in it. The Flag burning in the fire place: I had a black friend who will vote for Obama in November say, "Well, he's not really patriotic." Obama isn't patriotic. Does he hate America? I don't know about that but his words and actions certainly don't demonstrate love for America.

This is one sure fire way to piss any redneck off. They understand that we live in the best country in the history of this planet, hands down. Many of them are poor. But all of them are glad to be poor in the United States of America. If you don't agree with them on this, then get the hell off my blog, and don't come back.

Jesse Jackson was right: He talks down to black people. Hell, he talks down to everyone. He doesn't hide his contempt for average Americans and it slips out whenever he thinks he has a sympathetic audience--whether it's donors in San Fran or average Jeans in France. His close friendships with anti-American radicals and religious leaders cement the notion that he's an activist first, for one group of people, not an advocate for all people. His tone-deafness about how gas prices affect the average person comes off as snooty out-of-touchness--and begs the question: Has the man ever had a real job?

Finally, something Jesse and I agree on. He does talk down to black people, just as he talks down to rednecks.

Obama shows no signs of respect for any group of people. Some groups may be willing to overlook this flaw. Black people will not. Neither will rednecks. When most people think of rednecks, they think of smoke filled, blood stained bar room floors. I have been in a few of those bars in my life. Most of that blood was put there because someone did not show the proper amount of respect. Rednecks are the most respectful people in the world, until that respect is not given back to them in return. Then all bets are off, and you had better hope there is a hospital in the area.


TexasFred said...

I know reednecks too, I are one... :)

And I am a very proud one too...

Why is it that *white pride* is called racist?? But black pride is called *OUR RIGHT* by so many??

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