Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jennifer Rubin: Will Rookie Mistakes Sink Obama?

Probably not:

Hillary Clinton must be fuming. Only a month after sewing up the nomination, Barack Obama’s claim to be the Agent of Change is already unraveling He is proving belatedly that Bill and Hillary’s prediction was right: he is not ready for prime time.

Even the New York Times is mad at him, accusing him of false advertising. (“Mr. Obama’s shifts are striking because he was the candidate who proposed to change the face of politics, the man of passionate convictions who did not play old political games.”). For once it’s hard to quibble with the Grey Lady.

Obama has reversed course on everything from FISA to the Second Amendment to the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment to gay marriage to campaign finance reform. His Iraq policy is changing, or maybe it isn't. Stay tuned. Even his biographical ads touting his leadership on welfare reform (which he actually opposed) and his struggle to work through school (which seems to only have amounted to two summer jobs) are being fact checked and disproved by the MSM. What an amateur, Hillary must be musing.

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The GOP missed a good opportunity to run a good solid conservative. It looks like Obama's effort may be unraveling before our very eyes, right? I still think he is going to win. Anyone who follows politics knows what is going on here. Obama has secured the nomination and has to move to the center. Sure the libs are going to scream a little about this. The fact of the matter is this; Obama must move to the center. John McCain has lived in the center his whole career. Obama's handlers know this. Most people in America know this.

The last couple of weeks McCain has been trying to move to the right. This may leave Obama a little room to get some of those center of the road voters. He is not going to be able to pry any away from McCain without making an effort. The libs know this. The New York Times know this. I believe they are working for Obama with this story. They are saying to the people in the center; look Obama is not too left wing. Of course we all know, as does the New York Time, that the libs hate Bush and the GOP so much they are not going to defect from Obama. They would vote for anyone with a D by there name to ensure a republican does not get it. Even if that Republican is a RINO who agrees with the dems on close to half the issues. This gives Obama some room to work in the center.

Meanwhile McCain is being forced to move to the right. He has a distinct disadvantage compared to Obama. The base of the party he has chosen to represent refuses to get and line like a bunch of cattle. Just because he has a R by his name does not mean we are going to vote for him. We are more interested in the issues than the letter by his name. This is why he is being forced to try to convince us he is in our side, even though we know better. He is conservative on many issues. He also will abandon those beliefs in order to "get things done". That is were his problem is. I, as well as many more conservatives are not interested in this type of candidate. I am a person that stands by his beliefs no matter what the cost. In our party I am not alone. Not by a long shot. Rarely do you here a republican willing to give in on his position on the issues. If you don't believe that go to the right wing blogs. They are full of posts that are against the things the republicans are doing.

I would like to see our candidate having to move to the center in order to compete for those votes. But alas, We have McCain.

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