Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ace Of Spades: "Months of Painstaking Diplomacy with Iran Finally Bears Sweet Fruit"

In this post he gives an explanation of how diplomacy works, that I had to share with you:

...diplomacy can only work when one side wants something from the other side, which the other side is prepared to give. This situation does not exist with respect to Iran. For diplomacy to work, the situation would have to change -- the most obvious (though unlikely) game-changer would be US jets pounding Iranian nuclear, military, and governmental sites for a few weeks. In such a case, Iranian would want something from us, namely, to stop with the bombing already.

Read the rest at the link. It's worth it.

Iran does not need anything from us. Therefore they are not going to negotiate.

Meanwhile, they are working feverishly to develop nuclear weapons. How many times have we heard that all options are on the table? When are we going to decide that the diplomacy option is not working? I think it should be sinking in, even to a politician, that it is time to give up on this option and look into another one. It is irresponsible and stupid to keep doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.

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