Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rev. Wright's Main Objective

I have been thinking about this a lot. I have read so much stuff about it blood is shooting out of my eyes. The main thing I am focused on here is why Rev. Wright is trying to destroy Obama's campaign? You can say that he doesn't know any better. I do not believe that. He is out there a little, but I believe that he is a smart man. I think this has been a calculated effort to hurt Obama's bid for the Presidency.

First of all, I can not prove this is true. This is just my opinion:

The NAACP, Rev. Wright, Rev. Sharpton, etc... do not want to see an African- American President. Not yet anyway. They have spent their entire lives living off of the perception that the United States is a racist nation. I understand that when they were growing up America was a lot different place to live. Things have changed a lot.

Sure, there are still some people in this country who are racist. There will always be. But this country has made great strides to rid itself of this.

They were all too happy to have Barack Obama in the race until it became a reality that he could win. As this became more apparent we began to hear statements such as "If we elect Obama does it mean that the debate about America being a racist society is over". The last I heard the split on the white vote it was Clinton 55% / Obama 45%. That is pretty darn close.

As soon as it became likely that he would win, we started seeing people that should be trying to promote Obama, trying to hurt his chances. Rev. Wright came to the forefront of this group. He has done considerable damage to Obama. Just when all this starts to die down, the NAACP brings Rev Wright in to give a speech and bring it all back out.

Basically they are doing this for one of two reasons. First, they are doing this intentionally. Second, they are stupid. I do not think any of these people are stupid. Most of them have spent a lifetime in or around politics. They know how the game is played. So given the two choices I will have to go with the "intentional" one.

Why would they be intentionally trying to derail Obama? Their whole existence relies on racism. If they cannot claim racism, how could they keep going? Who would support them? How could they get the "air time" from the media?

I am sure most if not all of them would be happy to see an African American President. I don't think they want one now. The race debate is still going on in this country. An Obama win would do as much damage to their case as they have done to his campaign.

I may be out in left field on this. If you think I am let me know.

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TexasFred said...

Judging by the lack of comments, apparently no one disagreed...

I only wish Wright had done more, much more...

Obama can't be allowed to ascent to the Oval Office...