Monday, May 12, 2008

McCain On Global Warming

He is basically saying that we need to destroy our way of life in order to save the planet from a HOAX!:

"For all of the last century, the profit motive basically led in one direction — toward machines, methods and industries that used oil and gas," said McCain.

"Enormous good came from that industrial growth, and we are all the beneficiaries of the national prosperity it built. But there were costs we weren't counting, and often hardly noticed. And these terrible costs have added up now, in the atmosphere, in the oceans and all across the natural world."

So how does he want to solve "Global Warming", I mean "Climate Change"?:

Industries would be given emission targets, and those coming in under their limit could sell their surplus polluting capacity to companies unable to meet their target.

McCain wants the country to return to 2005 emission levels by 2012; 1990 levels by 2020; and to a level sixty percent below that by 2050.

"As never before, the market would reward any person or company that seeks to invent, improve, or acquire alternatives to carbon-based energy," he said. "More likely, however, there will be some companies that need extra emissions rights, and they will be able to buy them. The system to meet these targets and timetables will give these companies extra time to adapt — and that is good economic policy."

Oh, I see. Create a tax increase disguised as "extra emissions rights". This would require businesses to charge more for their products. That is right, an increased tax on the consumer. Great plan McCain, spoken like a true liberal.

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sbvor said...

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