Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Obama Will Win This Hands Down

It seems the Democratic Candidates are competing for Senator Kennedy's endorsement:

Democratic presidential contenders flocked to Sen. Edward Kennedy's 75th birthday party earlier this year.

Sen. Barack Obama showed up at Kennedy's home with a bottle of wine as a gift. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton pulled Kennedy aside to schmooze. Sen. Christopher Dodd needled Kennedy about getting older.

The shower of personal attention underscored Kennedy's star power in the White House race. The liberal senator's endorsement is among the most coveted by the eight Democratic contenders.

The birthday party was also a reminder of the tough endorsement choice Kennedy faces as the 2008 contest unfolds.

The Massachusetts senator has close ties to several candidates who are eagerly seeking his support. Whatever he decides, he's bound to disappoint some longtime friends and colleagues.

"It's going to be difficult choosing," Kennedy told The Associated Press. "I've got a lot of friends who want to be president."

So Hillary was kissing up to him, Dodd was cutting up with him, and Obama brought him wine. I wonder who will win this competition?

But seriously, it would be toss up on this one. Democrats are used to standing behind one of their own. It is easy for them to decide which person is right when one person has a (D) by their name and the other an (R). But making a decision about 8 (D)s will be hard for them.

I have to wonder; how many Republicans would want the endorsement of ,at best a person who committed manslaughter, at worst a murderer.

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