Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fred On The Issues: Tax Reform

The third post of Fred On The Issues deals with:

Tax Reform:

The U.S. tax code is broken and a burden on U.S. taxpayers and businesses, large and small. Today’s tax code is particularly hostile to savings and investment, and it shows. To make matters worse, its complexity is a drag on our productivity and economic growth. Moreover, taxpayers spend billions of dollars and untold hours each year filling out complicated tax returns, just so they can send more money to Washington, much of it for wasteful programs and the pet projects of special interests. We need lower taxes, and we need to let taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned dollars—they know best where and how to spend them. And we need to make the system simpler and fairer for all. To ensure America’s long term prosperity and economic security, I am committed to:

*Fundamental tax reform built on the principles of simplicity, fairness, and growth.

*A new tax code that gets the government out of our citizens’ pocketbooks, while enhancing U.S. competitiveness abroad.

*Dissolution of the IRS as we know it.

We all know this needs to be done. It would be a formidable task to take on, but if the right people were brought in on this issue it could be repaired, or replaced with something much better.

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