Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Charlie Rangel Is Looking For A "Tax Fight"

This from Rep. Eric Cantor via Red State:

I wanted to drop by today to let you know about a critical legislative debate that is brewing in the U.S. House, a debate that will have a dramatic effect on the nation and will directly impact you and your families.

We have long known that Chairman Charlie Rangel, the leading Democrat on the Ways and Means Committee, would attempt to raise your taxes this fall. However, we did not know the tax hikes would be so sweeping and expansive.

Mr. Rangel has promised that this fall he will host "the mother of all tax bills." His objectives are clear – a sharp tax increase on American families, small businesses, and investors.

Brushing aside warnings from seasoned economists House Democrats, since taking the reigns of power, have done nothing but play petty politics with America's economy. Their reckless actions have already had a negative effect.

House Democrats have tried to hide their failures behind the tired liberal rhetoric of class warfare; yet, the simple reality is that just nine months into Democrat control, you are more likely to be unemployed in America, you are more likely to lose your home, and rising interest rates have made it harder for you to achieve the American Dream.

We may be in the minority, but conservative Republicans are not going to allow these taxes to go through without a fight. With your help, it is a fight I know we can win.

Rather than raising taxes on hardworking American families, why don't the Democrats cut wasteful spending from the massive federal bureaucracy?

The Department of Treasury internally had over $24.5 billion "unreconciled transactions" in one year alone – these are transactions for which auditors cannot account. The bureaucrats spent $25 billion somewhere on something; they don't know who spent it, where it was spent, or what it was spent on.

Given the way the Republican members of congress have been spending money, I do not know how well they can fight this.

It may be time to get back on the phones.

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Faultline USA said...

Yes you called it - class warfare is the left's trusty no-fail weapon!