Friday, October 5, 2007

Fred On The Issues: Government Effectiveness

Part 5 of Fred On The Issues:

Government Effectiveness:

Our government is outdated, inefficient, and wasteful. It is often unable to perform even the most basic tasks our citizens expect. It is no longer enough just to want limited government; the American people deserve more effective government. Given today’s challenges, we cannot afford—and shouldn’t accept—anything less than a nimble, effective, and efficient government that is able to focus its resources on the important issues facing our country. It must be able act on behalf of the American people and our national interests in a timely manner. The key to competent government is strong, committed leadership from the top. The key to good government is good people who are well-managed and put the national interest first. I am committed to:

*Attracting and rewarding the best Americans to serve in government and ensuring they have the authority and resources needed to get the job done.

*Fixing government accounting so tax dollars are properly spent and the American people know exactly what they are being spent on.

*Improving government performance by making agencies accountable for accomplishing their missions on time and within budget.

*Ensuring information technology systems are secure and that they give our government the capacity and effectiveness to get the job done.

Sounds reasonable enough to me.

And HuffPo smears Fred:

Former senator Fred Thompson continues to be his own worst enemy on the path to the White House. Thompson's appearance last weekend at the annual conference hosted by Teddy Forstmann in Aspen was "embarrassing," several attendees have told the Huffington Post, as he botched current events questions and suffered from verbal gaffes.

Amid a gathering of high-profile media, business, and government figures, Thompson made the strange claim that the Islamic group Hezbollah is in Afghanistan (it's based and run out of Lebanon).

Does Fred not know where Hezbollah is located? Of course he does:

Thompson said military action is not “the first thing that ought to be thrown out for consideration.” But, he later added, “ultimately you cannot take the military option off the table. You’re dealing with a country where terrorism and state sponsorship go hand in hand. They’re responsible for many of the activities of Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Taliban now in Afghanistan… not to mention what they’re doing in Iraq.”

I love the fact that things like this are all they can find to use against him.

Win, Fred, Win

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