Friday, September 7, 2007

Why Should Hillary Stop Accepting Money From Scumbags?

They have never seem to hurt her or Bill. They are quite arguably the most shady people that have ever been in Washington. Given that does this surprise you:

Even as Hillary fundraiser Norman Hsu is drawing national attention for being captured after going on the run, another sleazy Democrat is stepping up to raise money for the Clinton campaign.

His name? Raul Martinez. Hillary will be attending a fund raiser at Martinez's home,


So, who is Raul Martinez?

He's the former mayor of Hialeah, Florida and he has a shady past. Back in 1991,

"Mayor Raul Martinez, was convicted of extortion and racketeering...after a jury found he had accepted $1 million in cash and property from land developers."

The conviction was reversed on appeal and two hung juries later, he had managed to lawyer his way out of going to jail.

The reason they take money from the likes of Martinez is because they can get by with it.

This will not hurt her at all in the primary. Just in case you didn't know, Democrats do not care about ethics. It will be forgotten by November.


TexasFred said...

If Hillary stops taking money from scumbags, she'll go broke, no decent folks are gonna give that hag a penny...

Supercd72 said...

Extortion and racketeering....they fit right in with Hillary.