Monday, April 7, 2008

Another Missed Opportunity For Conservatism

We could not have asked for two better candidates to run against. Clinton and Obama are like two of the Stooges. We could have defeated either of these two in the general election. Let's think about it for a minute.

Hillary Clinton would not know the truth if it bit her on the butt. She is not even close to being qualified for her Senate seat, much less the presidency. Her personality is a big negative for her. Bill keeps bringing bad press. And so on.

Barack Obama has less experience than Clinton. He holds the title of "the most left wing member of congress." He is tied in with Rezco. Not to mention the great Rev. Wright. And so on.

That is not even considering their ridiculous positions on the issues.

So what did we do? We gave them the third Stooge.

This is taken from a post at Hillbilly White Trash:

How did America come to this point? We have an unpopular president and an unpopular war which should make this election a cake walk for the opposition party. Yet the best the Democrats can do is to come up with two completely hollow people with no real experience or qualifications beyond their melanon or sexual plumbing. Neither of these people seem able to unite their party and either of them seem easy pickings for even a moderately qualified Republican.

But the Republicans don't nominate a Republican. Instead they pick a closeted Democrat whose greatest joy in life is kicking the Republican party's conservative base and preening for the ultra-liberal mainstream media as he helps pass left-liberal pieces of legislation.

Those two paragraphs pretty much sums it all up. We had the perfect opportunity and we blew it. Who does our side put up? A man who is further left than a lot of the Democrats in the Senate. Check out some of the positions McCain has taken:

John McCain’s Liberal Record

John McCain Is A Liberal Gun Grabber
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Refutation Of “A Day At The Beach” Charge
Andy Card — I Have Seen McCain’s Anger
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Sen. McCain: I Don’t Have A Temper
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Friendly Fire: McCain Has Some Explaining To Do
McCain’s Constitution
Softening The Skeptics
McCain’s War On Political Speech
Lobbying Reforms Unconstitutional
McCain: Major League Hypocrite
McCain’s Gun Control Ad

John McCain’s Voting Record On Gun-Related Issues

109th Congress: Lock Up Your Safety
108th Congress: McCain Puts Gun Shows In Peril
107th Congress: Incumbent Protection Muzzles Gun Owners
106th Congress: Anti-gun Amendments Abound

More Direct Links Here

Why do we, as Americans always end up with having to choose the lessor of evils?


John McCain IS a Libber, he always has been, and the people that tout him as ANY kind of Conservative apparently need to look up the definition of CONSERVATIVE, because McCain doesn’t fit the profile of a Conservative any more than the Clinton’s or Obama do.

These are from Conservative Libertarian Outpost via Texas Fred.

No matter how it turns out in November, this country is headed for hard times.

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