Thursday, April 3, 2008

No Privacy For TN Handgun Carry Permit Holders

Thank you TN House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh:

The Tennessee Department of Safety has issued more than 339,000 handgun carry permits since October 1996. Yesterday, state House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh, using his usual thuggish tactics, killed legislation that would have safeguarded the personal information of those carry permits, and also killed legislation that would have allowed carry permit holders to carry their gun in restaurants.

I am not going to discuss the privacy bill. That one is self explanatory. Every American has the right to privacy.

I do not understand the opposition to the bill that would allow someone to carry their weapon in a restaurant that sells alcohol. The bill plainly states that you cannot be drinking. If I owned a restaurant I would want my law abiding customers to be able to defend themselves. It is time for the 339,000 permit holders to stand up to Naifeh and his bunch.

Go to the link above and take Bill Hobb's advise. I am.

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Anonymous said...

I think that it is good for list of carry permit holders to be published. That way any evil doer, rapist, burgler, kidnapper, and child molester has a list they can check to ascertain who the best targets are. If you are on the list you will be safer. Those not on the list equal easy targets.