Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hard Times Ahead For Conservatives

With both Democrats bending over backwards trying to lose the nomination as well as the general election, it looks like John McCain has a real shot at the presidency. In most polls he is ahead of either Obama or Clinton. One poll I saw has he and Rice beating an Obama/Clinton ticket. While I have to admit he is the best of the three, he is still not the best for the party.

On Sean Hannity's radio show the other day, Sean predicted that he would disagree with McCain 40% of the time. Newt Gingrich was on there yesterday and he predicted 20 % of the time he would disagree. I would put it about 50-65%. He will concede way too much to the Democrats. Sure he appears to be moving in the right direction now. But looks can be deceiving.

He has a long history of siding with the left. I do not see that changing. I could go on to list many issues he has sided with the Democrats on, but you already know them.

What I would like to write about is how a McCain presidency would effect our party. Some 14 or so years ago we took control of Congress. We did this because of a conservative movement that the "typical" person of this country had long been waiting for. The Republicans won control because of conservatism, plain and simple. They lost control 12 years later because of their slow but steady move to the left.

That trend has continued to the point we are at today. I have been hearing a lot of talk about McCain winning over some typically blue states. While that would certainly help his chances of being elected, it would also send a message to the Republican party. That message would be to continue on the present path toward liberalism. While it is true that there are some good conservative members of Congress, their are also a lot of RINOs there. Expect that number to grow. That is the message the Republican party has received. You can bet they have heard it loud and clear.

The worst thing that can happen to the Republican party is a McCain victory. Sure he would do the least damage to the country while in office. But looking at the long term effects on the party. The damage would be disastrous. It would give them cause to continue on their downward spiral into liberalism.

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