Monday, December 3, 2007

One Reason Why I Will Not Vote For Rudy

As you know I have not been around much the last couple of weeks. The reason - deer hunting. I am back for a while now (season opens again Dec. 15th). I have had a good little break from blogging. I also have some meat in the freezer, so it has been a good couple of weeks for me. But now it is time to get back at it. I have been looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.

I found this link in one of my e-mails.

Want to know what Rudy thinks about guns? Watch this:

There is no question how he feels about guns. He is about as liberal as a person can get on the issue. As a matter of fact, he is about as liberal as you can get on a lot of issues; guns, gay marriage, abortion, etc... If I am going to have to endure a liberal president I want to be able to cuss a democratic one. I have been cussing a republican (Bush) long enough; immigration, spending, Israel, etc...

I understand the "lesser of two evils" thinking. I have been guilty of it myself in the past. Not anymore!

I will not vote for Rudy Giuliani!

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